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abell is - here with the redictions, jeff.... 3 with one vvte, hundreds of un-documenteddstudents in maryland, will ooonbe awarded in-ssate tuition rates which marrlands documented students. last niggt, proponents cheered theepassage of strengthen both the studenns of maryland and the state of maryland.. already 13-other states offer tuition breaks for un-docuuented students. anddbased oo tteir experience, opponentt say the floodggtes will soonnbe open foo othee undocumenttd students to movv into maryland. 3p (19:25:02) ""y passing this marylanddinsures that there wiil e a ot more be a lot mooe poor eople in the state. there will be more workers coopeting for scarce jobs....." 3 to qualify for the dream act, students must prooe that ttee've attended a maryland &phigh school for three have paid taxes. jeff abell, fox 45, news at fivv. five. 3- it's no urprise maryland obama last night in his bid forrreeelection.ii act, our stateegave him one of the &pwidest margins of victory.but that's not all..... all.....our stateealso re- elected democrat
. and among un- suspecting customers.... wo young men wwlk up and ask for scooby doos.the street name given to the chemically aatered marijuana that's being sold here under the brand name scooby snax. here aa ounce goes for ten dollars. (witherspoon) 34:31 i chimed in aad said can we come back tomorrow he made a gesture like hees always got it. a cheap high.... that can have costly affectss4:53 (ed) you're playing russian roulette d-e-a agent ed marcinko knows composition.... and as seen the dangers.1:14 (ed) it's pold on theestreet.... and ing paakaged as if it's candy. p:55 (ed) it's a arketing ploy. it's a creetive way at packaging a material so people think this can't be wrong if you're seeling it over thhe counter.it's not only wrong.... it's lllgal! 27:48 (cd) witherspoon it's deadly it's dangeeoussit's hazardous c-d witherspoon lives here in northweet baltimore... he's peen this synthhtic drug up close. 35:19 it's a very colorful package so as to make it attractive to young people pnd to make ittlook hhp ad cool. the craze has grippedd his neighhrbood and ddesnnt appear tt be
to torture.alan gross' lawyer sent a six-page letter to the u-n's anti-torture &pbeing denied certain meddcal 3 anti-torture treaty signed by cuba more ttan a decade ago. the 63-year--ld has lost more than 100 pounds while in prison and has deeeloped a mass behind his right shoulder. cuban doctors tessed it... but an american doctorrwho reviewed thh case said the tests wwre iiadequate.gross has beennin prison in cuba for bringing restricted .. after thh country. equiiment to leaders innwashiigton are trying to figure out who knew david petraeus' sudden depaature from tte c-i-a.annd as andew spencer tells us ... thhy're also trying to next.mine what happens next. --reeorter pkg-as folloos -- general david petraeus' sudden resignation from the central intelligence agency leaves he had n extra-marital affair. a journalist who hassspeet this was shocking to her."i don't knnw of anyone who such a traight shooter, a 's - cornball really, a veey decent paula broadwell... a married mother of two.she wrooe a biography of petreaus entitled "all in.""this project started 3 aa my dissertation three
is aaout an nstituuion defined wooan.""... reccnt baltimooe pun poll.../ p on... same sex marriage. and f you till have marylann referennums... fox45 will air a vote 2012 speciaa toniiht aa 11 ppmmget in-depth referendum... theesame-sex mmariage refereedum... and the in maryland.that's tonight at -3 &p11... right here oo fox 45. if... you're worried... aaout problems ...at the polls... tuesday.../, an... p army offppll watchers ...is... being obilized...///. 10-thousand... lawyers... and... legal volunteers... nationwide.../// ha.ve... been trained... in... 50 states... too.. watch the pooll,.../ searching... for... any issuus... that... may nned....to "weere looking for llng lines that mighh be the result of pachines breaaing down, uh phouldn't be." be."the justice depprtment... is also dispatching... 780... and... monitors ...to... - 23 states... to watch for 3 you'll... do... when you see... yoor paycheck.... after january firss....// you'll... pay more ...in taxes ...in the hen ...'taxmageddon' hits../.a... pong listt..
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and ttink he (doug martin) did a good job of unning through some taccles and creating some pardage after contact. then, when he did get it in the open he made sure he got in the end zone. he did a pretty good jobb pbvvouslyy i think we got to go in there come up with a gaaeplan and stick with it and we got to have trust in our play is called and ran that same things." do some of those wwiie buukk showalter has been named one of three finalistsfor the front oofice is not in the rd..- running for one of his own... p duqueete was shut the sportingnews executive off theeyear balloting...duquett season erth in 15 yeerr, but pgt him no love frrm the poters..oakland's billyybeane won with 31 of the 57 votes cast...natiooals gm mike rizzo ffnished secondd we'll prevvew mmryland's season opener tomorrow night against kentuckyy..plussoor high school game of the week winner...coming up at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports uulimited... --toss to vytas-- --toss to vyytas-- 3 3 finally toniiht... an 8- yearr old girl... leaving all the guus in the dust. dust.sam... gorddn... started... to... keep up ...with
. ((vo)) ake a looo.... at captured. among un- men walk up toothis gass station in northwest baltimore. what they walk away with.... is a substance thattdde-a deadly and illegal. thh ootsidd of the package akes the produut appear harmlesss... the label reads scooby snaxx 3:50 theyyre just putting a stamp onnit just to tell people hey thii is nnt for human consumptioo but wink tonight at tenn,what the ana. maaager haddto say when we returned to that gas statiin and started asking questiooss aaso, how the d-e-a plans to handle these cases. joy lepola creww are making ppogress on rrpairing an old water main in downtown baltimore. bbltimooe. thh 60-inch main ruptured last week at charles and ast 20-th nearby streets and forced wn several busineeses to close. crews re now preearing to reeove a section of the 90-year-old pipe... which will has reopeeed a few blocc of - charles stteet, but it remains closed at north avenue.no worr on when repairsswilllfinished. a... nnw... reeoot... shows... baltimore residents... aae... only as healthy... as thhii neighborhoods
was a spontaneous demonstration and not a terrorist attack the president aggresively defended u-n ambassador susan rice. obama says: "if senator mccain and senator graham, and somebody, they should go aater me. 14:04:07 to besmirch er reputation go after me. 14:00:07 to somebody, they should others want to go after senator graaam, and senaaor mccain and obama says: "if enatoo mccain and senator grahhm, and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. 14:04:07 to besmirch her reputation is outtageous." the president also challenged repuulicans tt agree to extend expiring tax cuts for middle class ameriians.obama says: "but what i'm not going to do is to extend bush tax cuts for the wwalthiest 2 percent that we can't afforddand, according to economists, will have the ecooomy." congress has until the nd of the yyar to come up with a deficit reductioo laanto avoid across the board tax hikes and referred to as the 'fiscal cllff.'obamm says: "so, i want a bg deal. i want aacomprehenssve deal." boswell says: ""resident obama is scheduled to meet with house and seeate
a look..... at... hat... our hidden camera... captured....// among ... un-suspeeting... customers.../ two... men... walk up ...to this... gas station... in... orthweet baltimore...///. what... they... walk away with..../ is... a... substance... ttht dde-a agents... describe....as... potentially deadly and illegal...///. package....makes the product appear harmless..../ the label reads scooby snax. 3:50 they're juut putting a stamp on t just to tell &ppeople hey this is not for hu wink it's just like marijuann. synthetic marijuana used to internet. tte dea says they the illegal chemicals. a blood drive to help thh victims of hurricane sandy inside the caffteriaawhere a shot the first day of school.... school.... police say 15 fire insidd the perry hall high school cafettriaaaugust 27th.... 17 year old daniel borowy was shot and rushed to shock trauma.....while he wass 10 units of blood during his - two week stay.....after he was released from the hosppttl daniel's fammly wanted to do something to ive back .and after hurricane sandy..... they decided to do a b
.../ so... ddd... unning mate... paul ryan .../ and... rival... vice president... joe obama ...joined the roughly ...30-million americans... who... voted early - / october 25th ... - in chicago....///ttat's... here... he is staaing off... the... camppign trial../. while... romneey ...squeezes in... two... last- minute campaign in... ohio and pennsylvania. 51-56"i feel confident weehave the votes to win, but it's going to depend uulimately on out."109-117"you hoped that prrsident obama would live up to his promise to bring peopll together to solve the big will."after... their final campaiin events,.... to... watch... the - election results...///. obama... nd... ice president biden... will watch from chicago. 3 the... final... electiin result... known... - until... late in the evening.../ if... then...///. but,... drama... to watch ... &pall... evening long....// hhre's... a....llok at the mmst ritical hours... tt watch.. toniggt
on fox 45 pffthe show... starting at 5 aam. 3 "so he comes and yoo caa see him, puts his un literally right here.. here." a a firefighter held at guupoint on his way to a call. whyyhe says &pthe cop almoot shotthim in the a mailman steps over a dyinggman hile deliveeing the mail. the reason he says he did nothing tt help. 3 a firefighter's drive to a call in wisconsin......ends with a policc officer's gun in his face. face."speeds as much &pas 90 miles per hourr" this viddo is from the cruiser of officer ted gilbertson ...following volunteer irefighter dan dean. siren, too.when theyy top... officer gilbertton sees dean's e-m-s license plate......but still draws his gun...pptttng it right into thh face of deen. "if i had the same tunnel vision as the officer did, and i juut got oot nd ran o the engine, you know, i don't know what steps e takes. i don't knoo if he shoots at me or the othhr people that are vehiclee." oregon police officials say officer gglbertson acted apprrpriately..... it.... appears a mailman... in
of passwords only ...a. ..very small pprcentage ...of passwords were affected..../ un-corking....its latest venture.../.the... online retail giaat... launching... "amazoo wine"... just in time for the holidays...// it... offfrssshoppers... a electioo of thousands of wines... in a dozen states.../. as of &pright now,.... only esidents in a handful of states... can order winn... through amazon.. / them,...//// d-c... is.../.amazon... says more statts are on the way. schwartz says: "you never stop missing those who make your life complete." completee" 3complete." schwartz says: ""ou never stop missing those wwo make your liff ccoplete." cooplete." a school assembly no one will forget .... howwthis surrrise for his ife and e paughher. ...and coming up in just 5 ediiiin... thieves on motorbikes inside the mall.the apparent inspiration for their crime and the huge haul they got away with. pnd a foooball phenoo...how a little girl ii running rings aroond the boys on the gridiron and he reason behind her amazing bility. oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favori
and the ravens are 7-and-2 minus three starters on "d."and a haloti ngata unning on aaout 70 peecent..one guy that's stepped up.... defensive end arthur jjnes.with more he joins bruce cunnnngham in our coors light silver spotlight. spotlight. wwile the n-f-l is , while the nnf-l is on week 11...high school football's wrapppng up. up.tomorrrw the private schools crown its champ.in the m-i-a-a division... rivals meet again... cclvertthall and gilman..both 8-and-2.they met ii october... with gilman came back to win the gaae... but on monday... when play resumed after a storm.gilman the favorite... looking to continue it's championship trend... the greyhounds have 11 titles....but whee they meet on the field... tradition doosn't matter... just x's and o's. donald davis::" we're going to have to limmt the ttrnnverr. hopefully on any mistakes they make or any short comiigs they may prreent during the course of the game."henry russell: "they've year. they spread it out, we're going to have to fiid a way to stop thht. in the first gameethis year,,14-3 after the first quarter so we know they're an
. 5 and 7 a-m... a 200year old woomn was out for a un.... whhe she says a masked man atttcked her right in the stree. street.aacording to police... pulled the wommn into a dark area of fells poont where he sexually assaulted her.tte exact location of the attack is uncceaa righttnow.with no attacker... police are warning everyonn in the area to be on suspicious activity. police are investigating even shootings afterra violent weekenddin baltimoreyou can see them scattered across the city on thii ap.police say two peoppe died in separate shootings on saturday....and three people were wounded within minutts of each other other shootings as well on 3unday..- presiddnt obama and mitt romney are makinn one last tomorrow's elections. elections.the president has stops scheduled today n key including wissonsin, ioww, and chicago... where he's planninn to spend election night. republican challenger mitt romney is expecteddto make appearances in florida, virginia and new hampshire today.he'll watch the returns in boston. this all omes after a veey busy weekend for both candidates. you
a un at another cuusommr... who complained he cut him in line. line. a similar story in new jersey... where drivers aae facing major ddlays in this is a line of cars stretching over two miles... jjst to gee to a wwwa gas station. uperrstorm sandy left many gassstations some indussry experts saa problems may continue for a week. another problem facinn new jersey residents... is vvting. ddploy military trucks... to serve as polling pllces for storm-battered communities. it's unclear how any of the state's 3-thousand polling placee have electricity... but at his point... mooe thaa customerssare sttll wittout ppwer. rocker jon bon jovi is &pcanceling his european ttur.. to get back to new jersey.the singer... who's oriiinally from the garden state....sayy effort... by cleaning up his y - non-profittrestaurant... in residents.right now the charity restaurant is closed because it has no power... but bon jovi says he'll find a generaaor and get the doors poen again soon..- 3 the baatimore blass is &pready to kick off its new season, looking for someegoals at du-burns rena
's spicy, not pricey. but only for a limited time. the... u--n... security council... is... meetinn... renewed... threets ... p of... vvolence.../ betteen issrel .../ and... palestinians... in... the gaza... strip...////.ths... after... an... israali ..airstrike... thattkilled... their top... military commander ... and... up to... 8 otherss p3 this.... video... shows the car... carrying ... al-jah...// a-bary..../ seconds.... in gaza...///.you... - impaatt.. / followed ...by a huge fireball...//. the attack... was in response... to an being fired... on israel ...from gaza..../ israel ... says... strikes... against palestinian militants... aren't over. palestiniansshavv threatenee po retaliate. new video....of a crash in wisconsin...shows just how close an officer came to --crash nats--- nats--- this ii dash cam video from the officer was pulleddover on - the ide of the road.... when a car swerved over the center linn... hitting him head on.a few minutes later he 71-year- old driver who hit him, approached the officer. 3 "that's my
. and among un- young men walk up and ask for given toothe chemically altered marijuana that's being sold here under the brand name scooby snax. here an ounce in and said can we come baak tomorrow he made a gesture like he's always got it. a cheap high.... that can have costly ffects.4:53 (ed) you'reeplaying russian roulette d-e-a agent ed marcinko knows harming peoole remendously - - especailly now that it's being sold on the stteet.... and packaged as if it's candy. 6:55 (ed) it's a marreting ploy. it's a creative way at packaaing a material so peopll think this can't be wrong if you're selling it over the counter.it's not only wrong.... it's illegal! 27:48 (cd))witherspoon it's deadly it's dangerous it's hazardous c-d witherspoon ives here in northwest baltimore... he's seen this syntheeic ddug up clooe. 35:19 it's a very colorful packageeso aa to make &pit attractive to young people pnd tt make it look hip and cooll the crazeehas gripped his neighorbood and doesn't appear to be ooseningg witherspoon's found ppckets in businesses aal along thhs stretch of reisterstown road. e began t
...." the drram act allows un-documented students who have attended maryland high schoolssfor three years the right to gooto -3 college on in-state tuition rates. (9:07:53) to make the dream of a college eduuation a real opportunity for everr child in maryland , the strongee that makes maryland." (abell) "but opponents maintaan the dream act will cost marylanders far morr than tuition........ (19:23:56)) (roy beck) 3 pvery parent in the world with 15-year olds tt come to maryland...." roy eck has spent years battling illegal marylands ream act....will be painful for marylanders. (19:25:02) "by passing this maryland insures that there will be a lot more taxpayer burden. there willlbe lot more poor people in the state. there will beemore workers ccmpetinn for scarce jobs." (9:09:20) (governor) "new americans make america 33 now, it could be awhile before we knowwthe true impact of the dream.. jeff abbll, fox 45, news at ten. 3 to... qualify for in-state tuition,.../ undocumented students ...must complete
house ennaged lie to the american ppeple. two weeks after the attack -- address to the un -- the - shoddy you ttbe viddo. six - times. ttese are the facts. during the attack, there was a &plive videe feed froo aaddrne flying overhead. anddan open phhne line from the consulate. messages were sent to thh office of the president moments after the attack began incllding one that reported al qaedd ally ansar al-sharia from the white house situatton room as the 7-hour battle took plaae. three times theee wwre pleas to send help from the cia detachment a mile awwa. each was denied. only the president has the authhrity to approve such requeets. presidenn obama allowed four americans to die. for what was ddreliction oo duty.for is more on thii tory vvsit behind the headllnes dot net. and foolow us twitter and facebook. it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliverie
recovery. good morning guyss,ight ow... pbout 4 paramedics... di un aone medical teady progress continues in restoring power to the thousandd left in the dark, after sandy roared thhough mary. marynd. joel d. smith is eowoonioee'' ffortsn ikllnnea we're ere at greenspriig aaee & illside road nd look.... bel air. a location being . le worked onnthere with 6 thoosand customers without powe. power. it's day two on he job.... ith good proggess bein mad. afa tfe to the cromwwll brothhrs and thhir elderly mother. the faailyyis keeppng warm inside their hooe with help from a generator. outside, where ttey're chopppng wood to fuel a bbrrel fire to keep warm. &p 3 3 maryland national guard troops are also helppng out... pending a hand to local authori. authorities.crees are working tt rescue eopll rrm waterloggeddhomes... ii salisbury and crisfield.the citiessare two of manyy.. swamped by the storm's heavy raiis.in crisfld... iiee-kte e caskets... at a ceeetery. sandy's wrathhis caught on cell phone from h window.you s ccn see áthreeá trs fall tthhk n s-u-v.a few seeonds l
... for a full refund. amazon dot com is un--orkingg its latest venture this week. the online retail giant is launchiig "amazon wine"... just in time for the holidaa season. it offers shoppers a selection of &pthousands of wines in a dozen states. as of right now... maryland s not one of those statts... but ammzon says it plans to expand the coming up... . pregnancy tests are not just for wommn anymore.the isease it can help ámená detect... &pearly on. and e have a winner... in our "thanksgiveawaa" contest. won yyt... youu nexx chance to &pscorr a 100-dollar viss giit card... is just minutes away. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all 3 president obama is staying ppt for the next four years. it was a long election night oo tuesday .. buttit ended with victory millions of americans ho wanted him to continue the work he was doing. aftee a short celebration .. phe prreident is ack attwwrk and focussd on some veey immediate challenges. our d-c insider and politiccl commentator armstrong williams joins us for this week's washington wrap.-yoo were pre
republicans have been going after u-n ambassador susan rice.after the viollnce, she said intelligence pointed to aa spontaneous... not pre-planned attack.president barack obama had a message to theesenators in rice's deffnse. 3&if senattr mccain and senator graham and others want to go &pafter somebbdy, they should g have that discussion with them. them.former c-i-a director david petraeus is scheduled to address the senate house intelligenne committee tomorrow.his testimony was in question after his sudden pesignation last week. it's a sight you have to see to believe! believe!surveillance video shows... dr. kristin lynes howarr... speeding frrm a supermarket parking lot... jumps a edian... and onto a two other cars! carsshoward pleaded noo guilty the influence of prescriitin drugs.police say she prescribed herself drugg, and told them... her car had aa mechanical maafuuction.a hospitalized...and howard ... a one time doctor of the year... was fired from her job. 3 3one of the more nique holiday columbia thii morning. nearly elss. joel d. smith is live at the "mall in columbia" to &pse
-page letter tt the u-n's anti-torture exxert.he claims that gross is care... in violation of an l the 63-year-old has lost more ttan 100 pounds while in prison and has developed a cubanndoctoos tested it... but reviewed the case said the has been in prison in cuua for more than tww years... affer the coontry. 33- maryland voters approved several referendums on the ballot during last week's election... but some of ttem would've never been uppfor public vote... if not for the statees petition laws. some lawmakers are now questioning whether thee state's requiremeets for brininggan issueeto referendum... are too easy ppponents needed to collect nearly 56-thoosand signatures. and iineach case ---they collected uch ore than that. thanks- in art - to the innernet. 11:27::11"so perhapssthe require that they be physical s" signatures."following the election - the ooernor callee the petition process too easy... but heestoppee shorr of vowing to trr ann change it. sayythe petition for referendum... is one of the &pfew ways voters have anyy recourse in a state so one-sided politically. 3 thh ravenss
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